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TRUST is highly evolved amongst a short list of other fully IP-based access control systems and differentiates itself by being very easy to install, use and afford. We call this the iTRUST Experience.

The iTRUST Experience increases the comfort level for both the end user (ease of use based on computer experience) and the security installer (ease of installation based on networking capabilities) and is the clear choice for all organizations that are searching for a proven access control security system that is easy to afford, easy to purchase, easy to use, easy to install and easy to maintain.

The iTRUST Kit delivers everything needed (sans cables and switches) to get the system up and running. No computing server is required and there are no software license fees, maintenance upgrade charges or hidden costs.

SAFEnet is a patented open architecture, flexible framework security command and control operating system that is a generation beyond current integrated solutions. It overcomes the limitations of current industry offerings by providing:
  • Unprecedented Flexibility to Customize and Scale the Solution
  • True Unification of Attached Resources
  • A Single Environment, A Complete Solution
  • The Fastest, Most Cost Efficient Development of New Capabilities
  • Capacity to Meet Security Needs Well into the FutureTrue Unification of Attached Resources
The benefits of Unification over Integration are many. True Unification allows complete collaborative and actionable views of the entire security picture for the fastest situational analysis and response. It allows automated response and management by exception for a solution that requires a fraction of the staff normally needed to monitor security. And true Unification allows the system to accommodate leap step technology advances that would require completely new version releases and potentially complete rewrites to address in other solutions. SAFEnet allows the fastest, most cost efficient development of assets needed to unify the full spectrum of data and commands from any attached resource.

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